Lockheed L-188 Electra Freighter

Cargo Length (upper deck): 20,57m/67,5 ft
Cargo Height: 2,28m/7,5 ft
Cargo Width: 3m/9,8 ft
Cargo Length (lower deck): 5,48m/18ft + 6,09m/20 ft
Max payload: 15.000kg/33.070lbs
Cargo volume (uppder deck): 125,4 m³/3.800 cuft
Cargo volume (lower deck): 15,1 m³/500 cuft bulk
Big Cargo door dimensions: 80″ x 98″, 2,03 m x 2,49 m
Small Cargo Door dimensions: Height 1 m (42 in)
Max take off weight: 52.727 kg/116.000 lbs
Wingspan: 99′
Fuselage Length: 104′ 8″
Height: 32′ 10″
Runway Requirements: 5,000 ft
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 116,000 lbs
Max Landing: 98,102 lbs
Max Zero Fuel: 92,340 lbs
Cruise Speed: 390mph/620 kph
Max Altitude: FL310 Cargo
Range: 2200 Miles
Engines: Allison-501 Engines Rated @ 3750 eshp
Lockheed L-188 Electra Freighter

Curtiss Commando C-46

Capacity: 14,500 lb (6,577 kg) cargo
Length: 76 ft 4 in (23.27 m)
Wingspan: 108 ft 0 in (32.91 m)
Height: 21 ft 9 in (6.62 m)
Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney R-2800-51

Our two C-46s (C-FAVO and C-GTPO) have seen service since 1945 in many parts of the world. At Buffalo Airways, we are proud to have the Commandos working with us. Our two C-46s can haul up to 12000 lbs of bulky freight into short, unprepared strips that are so commonly found in the NWT. Traveling at 190 mph, these airplanes can be heard rumbling away day after day, as they work dauntlessly, moving freight across the part of the country we call home.

Douglas DC-3

Cargo Load: 6,000 lbs (2721.54 kg)
Length: 64 ft 8 in (19.7 m)
Wingspan: 95 ft 2 in (29.0 m)
Height: 16 ft 11 in (5.16 m)
Speed: 150 mph (block speed)
Range: 1200 Statute Miles
Fuel Burn: 90 imp gal/hr
Type of Undercarriage: Wheels / Wheel Skis
Navigation Equipment: Full IFR including GPS
Minimum Landing Requirements: 2500 feet
Minimum Take-Off Requirements: 2500 feet
Minimum Ice Thickness for Ice Strip: 20 inches
Gross Weight: 26,900 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight: 26,900 lbs
Empty Weight (typical): 17,500 lbs
Entrance Door: 6′-8″ x 5′-0″
Aircraft Capacity: 670 Imp. Gallons
Bulk Fuel Tanks: 900 Imp. Gallons

From the warmest deserts, to the coldest, snow-covered north and south poles, the DC-3 has been everywhere. Traveling at 170 miles per hour (274 km/h), Buffalo Airways DC-3s can haul 6000 pounds of freight to destinations throughout the Canadian North. That is not to say that these aircraft always stay close to home, as they have flown from one end of Canada to the other, south into the United States, and as far north as Greenland. The Douglas DC-3s at Buffalo Airways normally operate on wheels, but when it comes time to land on the snow-covered lakes of the Canadian North, some of the aircraft have the wheels removed, and replaced with skis. As well, although Buffalo does not operate any DC-3s on floats, some were operated on floats in the military to allow landing directly on the water. The Douglas DC-3 is truly a versatile airplane.

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